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Working With People

Purpose: Students often make general statements like "I just want to work with people!" but may not have any idea of how to define such a desire in terms of a career or work tasks. This activity consists of using “branching” to help you make meaning from these kinds of statements. By showing you how to take such a statement and make meaning from it you can discover more specifics about your values and desires.

As a result of this activity you will be able to:

  • Articulate meaning in statements that may initially have little specificity.
  • Define desired career exploration outcomes in the form of goals and directive statements.


  1. Identify a general statement about one of your desired life outcomes.
  2. List the more specific activities that can be defined from this general statement.
  3. Continue this process until you identify several activities that may appeal to you in the future.

Note: Continue this process by getting more and more specific with opportunities. In many majors or career directions you may have many opportunities that look equally appealing. This is normal as you continue to move forward in your academic program.