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Major Exploration
Beginning The Process
It is important to remember that choosing a major is a process and not a single event

The major/career decision-making process can be difficult, confusing, and perhaps overwhelming, even for those who come to BYU with existing ideas of the path they want to choose.

You have most likely been involved in this process throughout your academic journey. Academic classes and extracurriculars are designed to bring awareness to your strengths, activities which hold your interest, as well as promote ideas or characteristics you value. You may have recently tried to "match" your skills, interests, personality, and values with a university major or even a specific career path.

The process of choosing a major can be enhanced by:

  1. Increasing Self-Awareness:
    1. Interests
    2. Skills
  2. Enhancing awareness of BYU majors:
    1. What classes will I need to take?
    2. What can I do with this major post-graduation?
  3. Developing occupational awareness:
    1. What jobs are available to me after I graduate?
    2. How much to they make?
    3. Do I need a graduate/master’s degree?

The advisors at the University Advisement Center are eager to assist students negotiate this complex process and make a well-informed decision. Early contact with an advisor can be an instrumental step in the likelihood of a timely graduation.

Please feel free to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our academic and career advisors.