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Using Your Degree

How to make the most of your degree (career enhancement skills) bachelor's degree—the beginning requirement for most professional employment or professional service opportunities. This gives you a broad liberal education and a specific specialization in a major and/or minor or selected electives. But you will need more. Basic knowledge—your general and religious education and your major—will help you gain excellent skills in these areas. Take advantage of your general education requirements!

  • good math skills
  • excellent writing skills
  • oral communication
  • interpersonal competence
  • problem-solving abilities
  • critical thinking skills
  • high moral and ethical standards

Work Experience (any experience or even better, work experience more specific to what you want to do professionally)

  • part-time or full-time work, summer work, volunteer work, etc.

Foreign Languages

  • speak, read, and/or write

Computing and Information Skills (N-179 ESC, (801) 422-6270 )

  • computer literacy, which includes word processing, spreadsheet skills and internet experience

Extra-curricular/Leadership Experience (3400 WSC, (801) 422-3901

  • church
  • volunteer
  • student government
  • community
  • other

Internships/Co-op (3215A WSC, (801) 422-3337) International Experience (204 HRCB, (801) 422-3686 and (801) 422-6192)

  • study abroad
  • international internships

Knowledge of Employers (Contact BYU Career Placement Services, 2410 WSC, (801) 422-3000, for information about companies, corporations, and organizations). The ability to sell yourself to prospective employers

  • confidence
  • people skills/interviewing skills/networking ability
  • knowledge of employers
  • ability to help employers see how your experience fits with what they need
  • resume and cover letter
  • letters of recommendation
  • informational interviews, etc.

List of Highly-Sought Career Competencies