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Frequently Asked Major Related Questions:

  • There are 198 undergraduate majors and 8 Bachelor of General Studies majors . You can see a list here.
  • 1. Computer Science
    2. Psychology
    3. Exercise Science
    4. Biology
    5. Family Life
    6. Public Health
    7. Accounting
    8. Economics
    9. English
    10. Elementary Education
  • No, you can have any major and go to Medical School or Law School. Watch this video about tips for major and career exploration.

    Questions about preparing for a professional program? Reach out to BYU's Pre-Professional Advisement Center.
  • Start by visiting our How to Choose a Major page here.

    The University Advisement Center offers interest and personality tests to help you decide on a major and career path. TypeFocus, which is a free online assessment can be accessed here. We also administer the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessments, which each last an average of 45 minutes and do require small fees. They can be requested online here.

    You should set up an appointment with an advisor from the University Advisement Center to discuss the results of these tests, along with possible careers that might fit you well. These appointments typically last one hour.

    For more information on career interest and personality tests, please contact the University Advisement Center at (801) 422-3826, or by visiting 2500 WSC.
  • You must declare a major when you have attained 60 BYU credit hours (minus exam credits)

    Students who have attained 75 BYU credit hours (minus exam credits) and wish to change their major must petition to do so.

    Click Here to find more information.
  • You can click on "Change Major Request" in MyMAP or you can contact the College Advisement Center (CAC) for your major.

    Some CACs require that students meet with one of their advisors prior to finalizing their major change request. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to the CAC for your desired major.

    To declare a minor, you simply need to make the request through your major advisement center unless it is one of the following:

    1) Contact the Fine Arts and Communications Advisement Center for all minors in their College
    2) Contact the Liberal Arts Advisement Center for the following minors: Editing, International Cinema Studies, Italian, Writing & Rhetoric, Russian (this is not an option for students who served a Russian-speaking mission or who are native Russian speakers)
    3) Contact the appropriate department for all "teaching" minors
    4) Contact the Business Advisement Center for the Strategy minor
    Note: Students can only declare one business minor due to overlapping classes unless one of the minors is Global & Community Impact
  • Second majors (exclusive of some language second majors) are rare and must be approved by the college advisement center supervisors involved and the dean of the college responsible for the primary major.

    The second major proposal and approval process requires an evaluation of all University Core and major requirements and a time-to-graduation analysis. Petitions for a double major must be submitted prior to earning 75 BYU hours (excluding language exam credits).

    College advisement centers are prepared to assist interested students in this process. Courses used to satisfy the requirements of a student's major can also be used to satisfy the requirements of an approved second major, unless not permitted by the requirements of the proposed second major.

    Students who graduate with a second major only receive one degree (the one associated with the primary major) and one diploma. Only the primary major will be listed in the university commencement program and on the diploma.
  • Each major at BYU is administered by a College Advisement Center (CAC), with academic advisors available to aid students in scheduling future semesters and preparing for graduation. Your CAC will make sure you have fulfilled all University Core and major requirements.

    To check if you are on track for graduation, simply visit with your CAC, and they will show you exactly what requirements you have yet to fulfill.

    You will also apply for graduation at your CAC. They can provide you with information on how and when to apply, as well as information regarding commencement exercises, cap and gown fees, etc.
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