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International Students

A Letter For You
International Students GE Exceptions


  • As an international student, you need to take a minimum of 12 credits in order to keep your legal status. It is prudent that your classes should not be very overwhelming and demanding at the beginning, but you can take more challenging classes as you feel comfortable in the future. Take into account that your first semester is a transitional one. You are learning to adapt to a new educational system and culture. We provide crucial assistance with your registration. So please feel free to contact us.

Choosing a Major

  • Choosing a major is a process and not a decision you make in a few minutes. Therefore, the primary purpose of an academic advising program is to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans which are compatible with their life goals. We can help with this endeavor even though you may have a major.

Academic Advisement

  • It will be helpful to you if you became acquainted with the academic terminology and vocabulary here and that you understand its meaning. We can help you define the meaning of:

Credit hour, GE, University Core, Semester, Term, GPA, etc.

  • In addition, there are classes for international students only, which can help you fulfill your academic requirements at BYU. Contact us and receive the proper information.

Student Development Classes

  • These are 2 credit classes designed to assist students with relevant college related concerns in a class setting with the goal of helping you to fulfill the "AIMS of a BYU education", thus experiencing success and happiness while attending BYU.

    • STDEV 109, Effective Study and Learning
    • STDEV 117, Career Exploration
    • STDEV 140, Life Planning and Decision Making

Important Reminder!

  • W's (Official Withdrawals) as part of your required hours could cause you to go out of status.


  • As one of our main objectives, the University Advisement Center seeks to provide competent and professional advisement services to our international students. We invite international students to use the following resources:
International Student Services2-2695
International Admissions2-7535
Alumni Association/Alumni Relations2-4663
Kennedy Center for International Studies2-3377
Study Abroad2-3686
Center for Languages Studies2-1201
International Internships & Field Studies2-6192
International Society2-3077
Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Sciences2-2607
China Teachers Program2-2389
English Language Center2-2691
Center for Service & Learning (Y Serve)2-8686
Student Employment2-3561
Family History Center2-6200
My Financial Center2-4104
Student Financial aid, Scholarships & Loans-2-4104
Foreign Language Student Residence Program Office2-3765
Global Management Center2-6495
Independent Study8-2868
International Cinema2-3529
On-Campus Housing8-2611
Off-Campus Housing8-5066
Mail Services8-3658
Museum of People & Cultures2-0020
Health Center8-2771
Traffic/Parking Division8-3906
Tours of Campus2-4678
Tutoring Services2-4793
International Development2-6827
International Center for Law & Religion Studies2-6842
New World Archaeological Foundation2-3822