Major Fair

Majors/Departments attending in 2017

2017 Booth Layout

Preparing for the fair:

Gathering information regarding majors

Things to consider when choosing a major (handout)

Please come and visit booths representing the majors/minors that are interesting to you.

Ask questions about some of these topics:

  • GPA requirements to enter or stay in the major
  • Additional academic requirements
  • Credit hours required to complete the major/minor
  • Is a minor required?
  • Do any required courses fulfill GE requirements?
  • How do you apply to the major?
  • Are there any special sequences of courses?
  • Are internship opportunities available?
  • What career strategies are best with this major?
  • What degrees are offered? (BA, BS, etc)
  • Is Teacher Education offered?
  • What classes would I take to get a sense of what this major is like?
  • Are there student clubs or organizations related to this major?
  • Will a Bachelor’s degree in this major prepare me for a job in this field, or will I need to pursue an advanced degree?
  • How can I find out more information?
  • Who can I talk to if I have additional questions?