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Work Values

The following list describes a wide variety of satisfactions that people obtain from their jobs. Look at the definitions of these various satisfactions and rate the degree of importance that you would assign to each for yourself using the scale below:

1-Not important at all2-Not very important3-Reasonably important4-Very important in my choice of career

Identify your top 3-5 work values and rank-order them by their importance to you.

  • __ Help Society: Do something to contribute to the betterment of the world I live in.
  • __ Help Others: Be involved in helping other people in a direct way either individually or in small groups.
  • __ Public contacts: Have a lot of day-to-day contact with people in visible settings.
  • __ Work with Others: Have close working relationships with group; work as a team toward common goals.
  • __ Affiliations: Be recognized as a member of a particular organization or department.
  • __ Friendships: Develop close relationships with people as a result of my work activities.
  • __ Competition: Engage in activities which pit my abilities against others where there are clear win-and-lose outcomes.
  • __ Make Decisions: Have the power to decide courses of action, policies, etc.
  • __ Work under Pressure: Work in situations where time pressure is prevalent and/or the quality of my work is judged critically by superiors, customers or others.
  • __ Power and Authority: Control the work activities or some aspect of the destinies of other people.
  • __ Influence People: Change attitudes or opinions of other people or alter their behavior.
  • __ Work Alone: Do projects by myself without any significant amount of contact with others.
  • __ Knowledge: Engage myself in the pursuit of knowledge, truth and understanding.
  • __ Intellectual Status: Be regarded as a person of high intellectual powers or as one who is an acknowledged ¨expert¨ in a given field of knowledge.
  • __ Artistic Creativity: Engage in creative work in any of several art forms.
  • __ Creativity (general): Create new ideas, programs, organizational structures or anything else not following a format previously developed by others.
  • __ Aesthetics: Be involved in studying or appreciating the beauty of things, ideas, etc.
  • __ Supervision: Have a job in which I am directly responsible for the work done by others
  • __ Change and Variety: Have work responsibilities which frequently change in their content and setting.
  • __ Precision Work: Work in situations where there is very little tolerance for error.
  • __ Stability: Have a work routine and job duties that are largely predictable and not likely to change over a long period of time.
  • __ Security: Be assured of keeping my job and a reasonable financial reward.
  • __ Fast Pace: Work in circumstances where there is a high pace of activity; work must be done rapidly.
  • __ Recognition: Be recognized for the quality of my work in some visible or public way, so that people are aware of my accomplishments.
  • __ Excitement: Experience a high degree of (or frequent)stimulation in the course of my work.
  • __ Adventure: Have work duties which involve frequent risk taking.
  • __ Profit Gain: Have a strong likelihood of accumulating large amounts of money or other material gain.
  • __ Independence: Be able to determine the nature of my work without a significant direction from others, not have to do what others tell me to.
  • __ Moral Fulfillment: Believe that my work is contributing significantly to a set of moral standards which I feel are very important.
  • __ Location: Find a place to live (town, geographical area) which is conducive to my lifestyle and affords me the opportunity to do the things I enjoy most.
  • __ Community: Live in a town/city where I can get involved in local programs and issues.
  • __ Physical Challenge: Have a job that makes Physical demands which I would find rewarding.
  • __ Time Freedom: Have work responsibilities which I can do according to my own time schedule, no specific working hours required.

Add you own concepts here if you feel they are not represented:

  • __ ________________________________
  • __ ________________________________
  • __ ________________________________
  • __ ________________________________
  • __ ________________________________