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These strategies help you use time effectively

Three Fundamental Time Management Tools

Semester Plan – A calendar that lists every assignment/task that is due for every class for the entire semester.

To-Do List – a list of all the tasks that you have to accomplish in a week that is prioritized by how important a task is and when it is due.

Weekly Template – an outline of a typical week that includes when and where you will complete specific tasks, including at least: (1) Work, (2) Class, (3) Study, and (4) Recreation.

Integrating the 3 Tools on a Weekly Basis

1. Place all assignments/tasks from the semester plan for the current week on your To-Do List

2. Using your Weekly Template, write down when you will accomplish each task from your weekly To-Do List

3. Commit to your plan and accomplish the tasks

Advanced Strategies

Backing up: Making the due date for every assignment 3 days earlier than it would normally be due

Distributed Practice: Spread your study out over the week instead of clustering in blocks

Interleaved Learning: Alternate subjects during study times instead of focusing on just one subject