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Personal Survey

Purpose: Students often have a plan to switch majors, but don’t typically recognize what factors have influenced their decision to choose a major, or what factors are affecting the list of majors they are considering. The two objectives that this survey will meet are (1) allow you to consider the purpose behind your visit to the advisement center, and (2) to give advisors a brief overview of your background, your needs, and your expectations for the meeting.

As a result of completing the survey you will be able to:

  • Articulate your purpose behind your need for career or major selection.
  • Recognize conflicting desires in major selection.
  • Understand what you expect, what past career or major experiences influence your decisions, and a general understanding about where you are in the major selection process.

Survey: Below are sample questions:

  • What is prompting you to seek major or career advisement right now?
  • What has prevented you from selecting a major before now?
  • What do you hope to accomplish through your major or career advisement?
  • What things must be a component of your major/career?
  • Are there any things you know you DO NOT want to study?
  • What majors have you declared in the past?
  • Are there specific majors that you are considering already? If so, what are they?