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My Eulogy

Purpose: The purpose of this consider your lives from the end by looking back, instead of looking forward. The essential question to this activity is “what do you hope other people will say about you when you have finished your life?” This puts goals into a new perspective, allowing you to see your major, career, and activities in a more holistic light. The activity also helps you separate your interests from the missions you might try to achieve in life.

As a result of this activity you will be able to:

  • Describe your major life objectives and dreams.
  • Discuss what you feel will help you reach your life-long goals.
  • Prepare to explore how different majors/activities allow you to attain your goals and objectives.


  1. Discuss what you hope will be read in your eulogy at your funeral. A list of things or a written speech could both be appropriate ways to write the eulogy.
  2. Use the following questions to get started and feel free to come up with some of your own:

    • What do you hope they say about your family life?
    • What do you hope they say about what you did for work?
    • What career roles will be mentioned?
    • What do you hope they say about your finances (or do you care if they mention this)?
    • What completed bucket list items do you hope they mention?