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Overcome fear to focus on learning

Three Main Components of Mental Existence

  1. Conscious (Neural Processor/Dorsal): what we choose to think about and focus on
  2. Subconscious (Memory): what we believe from our thinking and focusing
  3. Environment (External): entices and provides us with opportunities to think and focus


You can’t set goals until you know who you are – first get in control of your mind (conscious), have a belief in yourself and define who you are (memory), then pursue your own personal success (external). Some key truths about self-belief include:

  • I can only control myself, nothing else in the world
  • I am only accountable for myself and my actions, nothing else
  • I am capable of solving the problems and overcoming the challenges in my life
  • I have the ability to perform the tasks at hand
  • I am focused on accomplishing my own goals rather than those of other people in my life
  • I can develop myself once I take responsibility for myself

Thinking Positively vs Additive Thoughts

Thinking positive all the time sets our focus on what we cannot control – our environment. There is no way to completely control our environment so that everything in life stays positive. (i.e., "Everything in my life is going great right now!")

Additive thoughts set our focus on what we can control and what we will do – our performance. Although we cannot control our environment, we can control our attitudes, beliefs, and choices. (i.e., "I am going to study consistently so I can do well on my next test.")

Learning from Mistakes

If I always focus on my mistakes then my mistakes will occupy my mind.
Fear goes away when I realize I have the skills to address my challenges.
I will focus on storing the solutions to past mistakes not on the negative feelings or outcomes.
I will build my life around my greatest talents/skills/gifts to build my confidence.
As my skills increase, so will my self-confidence and self-belief.

The Laws of Mental Strength

Law of Opposition: I need the opportunity to overcome challenges and solve problems to become who I want to be.
Law of Attraction: What I choose to focus on becomes who I am.
Law of Sanctification: I am sanctified as I focus my thoughts and take responsibility for my choices.