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Map Out Your Life

Purpose: This activity helps you students see your progress from high school, through college, to your present situation. The purpose is to help you consider what times in life you have enjoyed most, and which have been the most challenging. Consider how your career aspirations have evolved through these stages. This activity will help you have more clarity about where your current decisions fit into the larger context of your educational experience and career goals.

As a result of this activity you will be able to:

  • Identify what has been hard and when you have felt the most accomplished.
  • Recognize high points and low points in your lives since high school and how your career aspirations changed through these times.
  • Understand how your current decisions will affect future opportunities both in education and careers.
  • Recognize what opportunities provided you the most satisfaction and make connections to your lifestyle and activities at those times.


Draw a line along the middle of your paper. Starting with high school, include good experiences, triumphs, and any positive changes in your career aspirations above the line. Include any hard experiences, challenges, or negative changes in your career aspirations below the line. Draw a line that connects each of the experiences on your map so you can see how your life has moved up and down over time.