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Lisa Parkinson

Lisa Parkinson

Academic and Career Advisor

Lisa was raised in Orem, Utah. Her mother is from Kobe Japan and came to the U.S. and BYU to pursue her master’s degree. Her father is from California and Hawaii and was a first-generation college student and the only one of his seven siblings to attend and graduate from college. Both of her parents are converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and are the only one in their family to have joined the Church. Education and religious beliefs and values have always been important to Lisa and her family. She served a mission in the California San Diego, Spanish-speaking mission where she had the opportunity to work outside of the San Diego Temple as well as the Mormon Battalion Center.

Lisa has worked at BYU since 1996 and has learned from each area in which she served: Admissions, School Relations, Multicultural Student Services, OneStop, and now the University Advisement Center. She loves students and seeing them develop, change, and grow. She feels it is an honor to be associated with them and to be a part of their university experience. She teaches Student Development 109, Effective Study and Learning, and values being a lifelong learner. Lisa firmly believes we will take the things we learn and the relationships we form with people into this next life, so she loves meeting people from all different backgrounds and life experiences and hopes you will come in to visit with her!

Ph.D. – Educational Leadership and Foundations – 2015

M.Ed. – Educational Leadership and Foundations – 2002

B.S. – Physical Therapy – 1996

Currently finishing a second master’s degree in Education for Academic Advising and anticipates graduating in 2019.

Hometown - Orem, UT
Majors -
Bachelor’s: Pre-physical Therapy
Master’s: Educational Leadership
Master’s: Academic Advising
Doctorate: Educational Leadership & Foundations
Hobbies - outdoors, traveling, & learning
College Struggle - talking to professors & solidifying a major
High School Info - played volleyball & survived on Mountain Dew and Milky Way bars for way too many lunches

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