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Kerry Hammock

Kerry Hammock

Director, University Advisement Center

After receiving his Associate degree from Gordon Junior College in Barnesville, Ga, Kerry received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from the University of Georgia in Athens. A convert to the LDS church, he served a mission in Tokyo, Japan and began working at BYU shortly after his mission. He teaches StDev 109 (Effective Study and Learning), StDev 117 (Career Exploration) and StDev 214R (Test Prep and Test Taking). He also coordinates the UAC’s Advising internship. Personally, he has strong interests in Vexillology (the study of flags) and Family History.

Hometown - Yatesville, GA & Lehi, UT
Major -
Bachelor’s: Statistics & Educational Psychology
Master’s: Higher Education
Hobbies - flags (vexillology) & family history (helping people with family lines)
College Struggle - being an athlete and student at the same time
High School Info - I was Mr. Upson High School

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