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Kerry Hammock

Director, University Advisement Center

WSC 2500

What was your major exploration path?

Statistics and Educational Psychology from the University of Georgia - 1980. I had no idea when I started college what to major in and by working with an advisor I found the things I loved. My advisor helped me find this path.

What jobs and careers have you had since college?

Since finishing my Master’s I have had the following opportunities:

University of Miami – Residence Life with Athletes and Upper Class Students

Florida State University – Residence Life

Brigham Young University 1989 -2020

– Student Leadership Development Training Coordinator

- Student Programs Coordinator (BYUSA and Leadership Education Programs)

- Campus Involvement Services - Director – Leadership Education, Campus Involvement Center, Leadership Programs and Tutoring Program

-University Advisement Center – Academic and Career Advisor

Advisor, Associate Director and Director

What are your areas of specialty when it comes to advising? 

Academic Success and Major/Career Exploration

I enjoy helping students find the energy within themselves.

What are some of your hobbies and interests? 

flags (vexillology) & family history (helping people with family lines)