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Keith Proctor

Keith Proctor

Associate Director, University Advisement Center

Hi, I'm Keith Proctor. I've worked here at BYU since 2010 and have worked in higher education since 2004 in roles related to financial aid, academic advising, training and development, research and reporting, strategic planning, and IT. I started my journey thinking I wanted to go into aerospace engineering, then switched to business and finance, and then switched to education. I have taught and tutored high school students and college students in topics ranging from chemistry and physics to religion and decision-making. I have a passion for helping students set and accomplish goals, especially when I get to help them work through their learning failures and setbacks. Having learned significantly from my own failures and setbacks, I believe that with enough time and sustained interest people can learn anything.

When working with students, we first explore possible futures after graduation and then work backwards to set goals leading to those futures. Students need to be willing to learn about themselves, to reflect on and learn from their experiences, and become familiar with the opportunities and requirements of the world of work. Students are decision makers and I see my role as a mentor to students. I enjoy teaching StDev 109: Effective Study and Learning because it gives me an opportunity to share principles and help students practice skills that will enhance their ability to pursue learning throughout their lives.

Hometown - San Dimas, CA
Associates: Math/Physics
Bachelor’s: Business Administration
Master’s: Business Administration
Master’s: Instructional Psychology & Technology
Doctorate: Instructional Psychology & Technology
Hobbies - hiking, reading, travel & martial arts
College Struggle - differential equations homework
High School Info - I had blue, green, auburn, and platinum blonde hair at different times

LinkedIn: keithrproctor

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