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Keith Proctor

Associate Director, University Advisement Center

WSC 2500

What was your major exploration path?

 My undergraduate major was business administration, but I also got an Associate’s Degree in Mathematics and Physics before switching to business.

What jobs and careers have you had since college?

 Enrollment Specialist, Finance Counselor, Collections Agent, Admissions Counselor, Regional Trainer, Academic and Career Advisor, Training and Development Manager, Director of Research, Planning, and Strategy

 What are your areas of specialty when it comes to advising?

Business, Education, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Computer Science

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Wing Chun Kung Fu, Chess, Reading (fantasy novels), Learning and Teaching Theories, Computer Programming, Motivational Speaking, Religious Conversion, Epistemology and Ontology

Are you involved with any groups or organizations on campus?

I am the faculty advisor for the BYU Leadership Club.

LinkedIn: keithrproctor