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Facebook Feedback

Purpose: If you have difficulty understanding your personal attributes and seeing outside the range of possibilities you have accepted, this activity allows for friends and relatives to provide feedback about how they “see” you in a career. This is designed to offer feedback that is used as a source for discussion and the beginnings of your self-narrative.

As a result of this activity you will be able to:

  • Discuss why others may see you the way they do.
  • Discuss conflicts between what you see in yourself and what others see in you.
  • Identify attributes and potentials with personal relevance that you may not have seen before.


  1. Identify groups of important relationships you have on social media. Groups may include:

    1. Family
    2. Classmates
    3. High schools friends
    4. Extra-curricular activity friends
    5. Church or spiritual group acquaintances
    6. Friends of friends
  2. Send messages to these groups asking what major these people feel would be good for you. A more elaborate statement can be provided, but usually the simpler the better.
  3. Ask these people to elaborate on why they feel this is a good match.
  4. Categorize these responses by group.
  5. Allow people about one week to respond. Usually you get about 75% of the people who respond.

Note: Groupings are based on the people having different interests, potential and personality traits between the different groups. Find a variety of people who know of you in a variety of settings. You do not have to have a close relationship with a person to get valuable feedback from them.

Example (from a student):

I love Facebook, so when my counselor suggested this activity I was in! I came to school to be a Physician’s Assistant and had not strayed from that path until my junior year when I had finished the science courses I needed in order to apply to P.A. school. I was doing job shadowing and hated every moment of it. I was personally lost. In the comments I saw many people said medical related things because that’s all they knew I ever wanted to do. However, a large number talked about my love for the world and culture. I have decided to change my major to International Relations and am doing a summer internship with the World Health Organization in Zambia. I think I found it, actually my friends found it for me.