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Explore My Interests Inventory


Interest inventories are often used as a “first step” approach. Although these are not predictive instruments, they can help you understand why you feel the way you do & put those feelings into words. The value of these inventories lies in the process of answering the questions and then discussing your choices.

Don't worry if you change responses after you have thought more about what the questions or statement really means to you. The best approach is to practice reflection regarding each of your choices.

As a result of this activity you will be able to:

  • Clearly articulate your interests.
  • Articulate why you like or do not like something.
  • Predict your future interest inventory results.


  1. Begin by using an online inventory (e.g. TypeFocus).
  2. Answer each question but before moving to the next one ask yourself:
    • Why did I respond this way?
    • What do I feel about these options? Why?
    • What are my assumptions about each option?
    • How much experience do I have with each option?
    • What do I see myself doing in each option?
  3. Write down any of your insightful responses to these questions.

Example (from TypeFocus):
Like – Unsure – Dislike: "Organize field trips for disabled people"

A particular student chose "Like". Upon reflection, the student realized that he does not like to organize trips like this and is uncomfortable around disabled people which he defined as physically challenged. The student realized that he only selected the answer because he felt “culturally obliged” to like this activity.