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Tyler Davis

Exploration Specialist | University Advisement Center


Lindon, Utah

My Story:

Freshman year I enjoyed the energy of campus life. My plan was to go on a mission, so I thought I didn’t need to plan ahead. Returning home feeling the pressure to have a sense of direction, I continued on a path toward medical school, while exploring other majors. I tried business classes, clubs, and connecting with people which led me to the Experience Design and Management major. Now I am grateful that this pivot allowed me to choose a path of learning about people through human-centered design.


Book: Essentialism or the Way of Kings

Movie: Whichever one I most recently watched

Food: Peanut Butter (Without sugar)

Animal: Peregrine Falcon

Color: Turquoise

Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza? If you asked young Tyler, he would have said no, but I have changed since then…

Boring facts about Me

  • My second major purchase was a paddle board.
  • I have 7 siblings.
  • I am a peanut butter connoisseur.


  • Singing at random times throughout the day
  • Camping, hiking, or going on some short road trip
  • Exploring new cities
  • Reading self-help books

Exploration Experience

As a freshman I dove into the social life and community at BYU. I loved it! I knew I was going on a mission, so I left my path open because I didn’t feel like I needed to decide then.

Returning from my mission I felt secure about medical school and commitment to it. The topics and classes were interesting; however, I knew that I wanted to add variety to my educational experience. I took the intro

to business majors’ class (MSB 180) and was introduced to the Experience Design and Management (EXDM) major. By talking with other students, attending club meetings, and taking the intro classes, I realized that EXDM aligned with my values.

I believe relationships are the most interesting and valuable parts of life which is why I was drawn to study a field that focuses on human centered design. The idea of enhancing experiences to better meet the needs of individuals energized me enough to know that medical school was not going to be the best fit. It was painful to part ways with a plan I had poured cement around, but I am glad I chose to do something that spoke to me more. I’ve learned it is okay for our plans to change, and I’m in the process of exploring what this new path means for me every day.

Why is Exploring Important to Me

If I didn’t give myself the creative freedom and safety to explore, I wouldn’t be where I am now! I know that this type of exploration feels like an experiment and adventure going forward. I’m figuring out that there isn’t just one set path for my life. As I continue to explore, I am hopeful I can create a meaningful life now and in the future.

Looking Back

Looking back, I wish I would have let myself explore a little more from the beginning of my BYU experience. I wish I would have gone to more events and gotten more involved with the BYU campus and community.