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Megan Ritchie

Megan Ritchie

My Story:

When I came to BYU I thought I knew exactly what to major in. As I took the classes for that major, I started worrying about job options. I wasn’t sure if it was right for me, which was really hard for me to come to terms with. I went to the UAC and met with an Advisor who helped me see so many options that I hadn’t considered!

Because of that I found Exercise and Wellness which I am so passionate about.


Book: Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls
Movie: The Blind Side
Food: Thai curry
Animal: me and my husband’s new puppy!
Color: UNC blue

Exploration Experience:

When I came to BYU I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do. My dream for so long was to do something in the arts, specifically Graphic Design. I had lots of experience with that in high school. So I declared myself as a Graphic Design Pre-Major and began taking the prerequisite classes. As I took those major specific classes as well as generals, I met lots of students in all kinds of situations- students who knew exactly what they wanted to do, students who had no clue, and those who couldn’t decide! I began to question my own rock solid choice and I looked for help at the University Advisement Center. I met with an advisor who helped me consider what I wanted out of my future career - work environment, types of people I work well with, salary range, etc. I realize that what I thought would be my dream job was not actually what I wanted for my life. I was encouraged to get some experience, so I worked in a gallery and talked to fellow students that were in the Graphic Design major. They told me their experience in themajor, what they were considering for potential career paths, and what it would be like to work with clients. Their detailed feedback led me to wonder if it really would be a good fit. So I began exploring other possible careers and majors with the help of that advisor.

I developed an interest in health while as a missionary serving in the south when I noticed many missionaries worrying about weight gain and health in general. I became curious about the truth and science behind health, wellness, weight management, and diet. I was curious about how people make wise decisions and which information to trust. I learned I had an interest in this area which I had not considered before.

Now I am graduating in Exercise and Wellness this April and I am so thankful for the knowledge I’ve gained and the plans I have for how I can make a difference in health and wellness for other people. I know that finding the right major can be so hard. But because of the time I took, the experiences I sought out; and the people who helped guide me; I was able to find a major that mixes my passions with job interests and has led me to like-minded people. I hope to help others do the same.

Why is Exploring Important to Me:

Exploring is important to me because we have all been asked since Kindergarten, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” And then it's up to us to work hard for good grades and impressive extracurriculars to get accepted to college. Once we get to college, it's time to answer that question–and that can be incredibly overwhelming. I think exploring is important because many students who come to BYU, me included, can get confused and discouraged if they don’t find a major right away or have to switch majors. I think it's important to realize that exploring does not mean that you are behind or at a disadvantage. Exploring actually means that you’re going to find something that fits better than if you had chosen the first major.. There is so much that goes into choosing a major and a career. But that process doesn’t have to be intimidating or disappointing. It's exciting that we’re all here at BYU ready to put our strengths and skills to the test. And it's exciting that we’re at a University that encourages us to go out and serve– exploring is important to me because it helps us serve God’s children and make this world a better place.

Looking Back:

Looking back I wish I had trusted in my own strengths more. I came to college very shy and very uncertain of myself. I thought I couldn’t add value to anything so I didn’t join any clubs, raise my hand in any classes, or even try to make new friends. I wish I had trusted myself to show up as I was and just be open to learning and experiencing, rather than worrying about being good enough to be here.

Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza:

Nope. Pineapple belongs in smoothies and fruit platters. Neither of those things are similar to pizza so I believe that pineapple does not belong on pizza.

Boring Facts About Me:

I love cartwheels. If there is an open space of grass or a hallway or a big room, I will be turning cartwheels until I’m blue in the face. I just think it's so fun.


I love doing calligraphy with pen and ink! I also love being out in nature- hiking or camping. Recently I’ve gotten into fishing because of my husband. Another new hobby is taking my puppy for walks and teaching her tricks - I never had a dog growing up and getting one with my husband has been a dream come true - my puppy is my best friend now. And if Fall was year round then another hobby of mine would be going to pumpkin patches. I can’t get enough of pumpkin patches!