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Madison Walker

Exploration Specialist | University Advisement Center


Clovis, California

My Story:

As an undeclared major for most of my freshman year, I had no idea what I wanted to do, or what I was good at. After taking a career exploration class, and meeting with an exploration specialist myself, I was able to do a lot of self exploration and evaluation. I realized that I really like working with and getting to know different people, and I love social sciences. I decided to pursue a career in marriage and family therapy, with a Family Life major.


Book: Percy Jackson Series
Movie: Sing Street
Food: Chinese Food
Animal:Pretty much any baby animal
Color: Light Blue

Exploration Experience

When I first started at BYU I had no idea what I wanted to study or find a career in. Nothing seemed to stand out to me and I didn’t feel like I was particularly good at anything. I had done a semester of community college before my mission, and now was starting another semester without knowing what direction I wanted to go in. I took the Student Development 117 class, which is called Career Exploration, and it was so helpful for me. I was kind of forced to go out and look at different options that were out there, and did a lot of self exploration as well. This also led me to the University Advisement Center where I met with an exploration specialist who helped me see how my life experiences and skill set would work in different majors and occupations. After talking to lots of different people, and figuring out what I like and what I am good at, I realized that I love working with people and getting to know them, especially in one-on-one settings. I also love helping others and problem solving. So finally at the very end of my freshman year, I declared my major as Family Life, with a family studies emphasis, and I hope now to pursue a career in marriage and family therapy. I think there is still more to explore and discover about myself, this major, and this career, but that’s the beauty of exploration, you never know exactly where the path will lead!

Why is Exploring Important to Me?

Exploring is important to me because you can’t make the best decision without knowing all the options. Or as my mission president’s wife told me, how do you know which ice cream flavor is your favorite unless you’ve tried them all? I think exploring in general makes life more exciting and meaningful.

Looking Back

Looking back I wish that I wouldn’t have been so closed minded to certain majors or careers. If you had told me two years ago that I would be majoring in Family Life and pursuing a career in marriage and family therapy I would have said you are crazy, I would never want to do that. I think that I was too focused on doing something that was expected of me, or that would make a lot of money, or be “cool”. But it's so much more important to be doing something you love, even if its a little unconventional or unexpected.

Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza?

Yes but only if its Hawaiian pizza

Boring fact about me

I can’t touch my toes


Watching movies, reading books, playing sports, swing dancing, or basically anything with friends and/or food.