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Mackenzie Day

Exploration Specialist, University Advisement Center

Book: Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Movie: Hot Rod or The Dark Knight
Food: Tacos & Blaze Pizza
Animal: Monkey
Color: Yellow

Exploration Experience:

I had so many interests but didn’t know how to pair that with a major here at BYU. I thought that the things I loved in high school would be the same when I came here. My classes Freshman year were all over the place as I had no idea what I wanted to do. It wasn’t until I returned home from my mission to Brazil that I had a broad understanding of what I wanted to do: I wanted to start my own business! But would a business major be the right move for me? I took all the prerequisites for almost every major within the Marriott school, thinking it would make it easier to decide.

I started researching careers within the fields I was curious about; accounting, finance, strategy and speaking with people who work within those fields. I shadowed and interned for a financial controller in Summer 2021 and began to understand and narrow my interests to the finances and decision making within a company.

The last prerequisite I took, Economics 110, happened to be my most interesting class at BYU. I met with an advisor here at the University Advisement Center who helped give me the confidence I needed and guide me in the process of switching to a major that felt like me, Economics!

What drew me in to Economics is the study of optimizing our choices, how people and groups think and respond to incentives, and how they all interact to form economies. This includes studying the decisions made by companies, nations, and individuals to administer resources. I was captivated by the fluidity of economies within the world - that what happens today will be different tomorrow. I’ve appreciated learning how others have adapted to economic change and how to think more strategically about maximizing outcomes.

Why is Exploring Important to Me:

I was so nervous to explore because I thought that I was behind in the process of choosing. I felt like I was the only one who didn’t know what I wanted to do. I’ve since learned that exploring is essential to pairing my interests to a real major here at BYU! Exploring has allowed me to see various options that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. It is possible to pair our hopes and dreams to a tangible major and future career. For me, studying economics provides me with a foundation to understand the world of business with respect to the changing economies. I want to be able to use these newly developed skills to help consult individuals and companies in their financial decisions. I feel empowered continuing to learn these skills, knowing that they will benefit me in the direction I choose for my future career and endeavors. Without exploring, I would have never uncovered those skills and desires of mine.

I believe that exploring allows us to uncover various possibilities in life since we each have unique talents, aspirations, and values that deserve to be explored!

Looking Back:

Reflecting back, I wish I took the time early on to understand what my hopes and interests were. I started taking classes that I thought were “good” for me, but not ones that I was interested in. It would have been extremely beneficial to talk to an advisor on campus who could have given me guidance on my exploration journey. I was comparing my academic journey to my peers around me, when I now know that everyone’s journey here at BYU is unique and different! Although we each have the opportunity to write our own narrative, that is completely our own, we don’t have to do it alone.

Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza?

Absolutely not! Warm fruit… not for me, but can we talk about Blaze Pizza is the best pizza spot near campus?!

Boring fact about me:

I am the most competitive Mario Kart player you will ever meet.


I have always loved sports! I love the competition and team aspect that it brings. I’ve played basketball my whole life and continue to play every week! I also enjoy pickleball, spikeball, or pretty much any other sport. I love the outdoors; hiking is one my favorite ways to admire the beautiful creations around us. I also love to bake, even if it takes me 10 tries to not mess up a recipe! I love meeting new people, laughing with others, and listening to others’ unique stories!