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Jinhee Nelson

Exploration Specialist, University Advisement Center
Meet Jinhee

Book: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
Movie: 42
Food: Korean food
Animal: Honey bee
Color: Forest green

Exploration Experience:

I knew that I was really interested in people and that I'm invested in socio-cultural-economic issues. I wanted to find a major that allowed me to learn about different cultures and histories - anything that helped me understand why things are the way they are. I researched some of the majors on my own and defaulted to history because it was a major I felt like I knew a bit about. However, when I was accepted into BYU I was referred to a full-time Advisor in University Advisement who was AMAZING and helped me discover new opportunities and majors to look into. Because of her I got on-campus internship experience and got involved in other extra-curricular activities that weren't directly related to my major but helped me learn more about myself and network with other incredible students. I took some classes to help me explore the social science majors I was interested in, and when I came home from my mission I decided to go back to my original decision and declared my major as History.

Exploring is Important to Me Because:

I don't think I knew a lot about myself before I really explored and tried new things. My main goal before getting into BYU was to get into BYU and then serve a mission. After I completed both of those goals, I realized that I didn't really know what I was interested in or what drove me to learn. As I talked with others and learned more about what I liked and when I felt the most productive and happy I was able to find a major that really fit me.

Looking Back:

I wish I had started exploring myself a little bit earlier. Exploring through classes is time consuming, expensive, and can be damaging to your GPA if you trap yourself in classes or a major that doesn't actually interest you or match your strengths. I also would have explored through talking to other professionals through job shadows and professional interviews. I think that that would have helped me understand what careers the majors lead to and what I could expect post-graduation.

Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza?

Yes, but only on specific pizzas. I don't like the traditional Hawaiian pizza except for on OCCASSION when the base is BBQ sauce instead of the traditional tomato (and even THEN it's iffy). But in Korea, they put pineapple on this INCREDIBLE pizza that also has a LOAD of other things on it like shrimp and onion and potato and extra cheese sauce and meat and WOW that's a good pizza. It sounds crazy because it is but hoooooooooo-ly cow it is amazing. BLACK TIGER SHRIMP PIZZA FROM KOREA DOMINOS BAY-BEEEEEE

Boring Fact About Me: I am, in fact, Korean

Hobbies: In my free time I try to be with the people I love most and find beautiful places to be in.