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Hope Dutson

Office Manager

WSC 2500

Hello! I am the Office Manager of the University Advisement Center and Academic Support Office and have loved the years that I’ve spent working here amongst our amazing advisors and students. If you feel lost, we are here for you! The University Advisement Center is a great place to explore your world of possibilities and be guided and assisted by some of the most experienced advisors who will take time to help you discover what your interests are, how they can be applied to a major here at BYU, and how your college experience can launch you towards a future career path.

During my time at BYU, I studied Family Studies with a Business Minor. My emphasis was focused on the research behind marriage, healthy relationships, and problem solving in the family. I’m a huge fan of education, mentors, and learning. Make the most of your time by connecting to our amazing advisors, professors, mentors, counselors, teacher assistants, etc. to give you the most enriched college experience. We would love to play a role in your life exploration and help you know that you belong here at BYU.

Please come visit us at our front desk and we will be so excited to meet you and to help get you connected with our advisors and specialists!

Go Cougs!