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Hailey Garcia

Hailey is from Idaho Falls, ID, and while she grew up just 30 minutes away from BYU-Idaho, she knew she wanted to pursue a degree at BYU Provo. Hailey has worked in this office since 2017 as an information specialist at the front desk, and just one semester before graduating from BYU in Public Relations with a minor in Editing, she decided that she would pursue Academic Advising after almost two years at the front desk. She started as an advisement intern, then started as an Assistant Advisor once she graduated.

Hailey has seen how much the advisors can help students, whether that was from watching from the front desk, seeking help to change career paths in senior year of college, or becoming an advisor herself. Connections are important in Hailey’s life and career. It’s necessary to find connection with a student while advising, and it’s amazing to see a student make a connection with what they realize they want to do with their majors or any other aspect of their lives.

Hailey enjoys petting any dog that she can, even though she is allergic to dogs. Hailey loves to spend time with her husband playing video games and going out to eat. She also enjoys any time she can spend with her family, since they decided to move from a generally small town in Idaho to Luxembourg, one of the smallest countries in Europe.

Hometown - Idaho Falls, ID and Luxembourg City, LU
Major -Bachelor's in Communications: Public Relations, Minor in Editing
Hobbies - Zumba, Tennis, Hand Lettering, English Royal History
College Struggle - I went through my degree too fast and wasn’t able to absorb all the information that I wish I could have.
High School Info - On my stake’s trek, I was the girl’s stick pull champion.

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