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Hailee Sanford

Exploration Specialist | University Advisement Center


Menifee, CA

My Story:

I thought I knew psychology was going to be my major as a freshman. However, I changed and grew as a person during my freshman and sophomore years, and I became drawn to other paths. After some self-discovery, meeting with an advisor, and exploring several majors, I discovered and pursued my passion in the major of Exercise and Wellness.


Book: Atomic Habits

Movie: The Notebook

Food: Canes or Chick-fil-a, Pickles, Sour Candy

Animal: Elephants, puppies

Color: Pink!

Exploration Experience

I came to BYU thinking I was going to be a therapist or psychologist. My mom and I have a big passion for psychology, so I thought that was right for me and began the path of psychology. I still love the subject, however, I went through some highs and lows during my freshman and sophomore years that allowed me to grow and develop as a person. I learned more about myself and discovered that I have a major passion for health, nutrition, and keeping our bodies healthy. Staying fit and nourished and learning to balance wellness is something that became my own kind of therapy through hard times. I also found myself constantly consuming information about these subjects in my free time and loving learning about them in general classes. I thought Dietetics or Nutrition would be right for me, but after meeting with an advisor several times and learning more about the Exercise and Wellness major, I decided that I could pursue my interests and passions in Exercise and Wellness. I have loved the topics and classes in the major, and I am now working towards a career in physical therapy or wellness life coaching.

Why is Exploring Important to Me?

Exploring is important to me because we are so diverse and ever-changing as human beings. Life is not linear, and neither are we. There is always more to explore and learn about yourself and life, so be open to exploration! I believe that it’s what makes life an adventure and worth living!

Looking Back

Looking back I wish that I would’ve been more exploratory to other majors. I was set and stubborn about my choice and put up walls to other possibilities. Yet other possibilities were exactly what I needed. I also wish I would’ve met with an advisor more and just been vulnerable about needing help in my times of need. The advisors are so good at their job, and they are willing to help and have seen it all. So being more open and vulnerable about my struggles in deciding a major would’ve helped my decision come a lot sooner.

Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza?

Yes! A great salty and sweet combo

Boring fact about me

I am a Diet Coke lover. Literally always down for a Swig run


Running and working out, skiing, anything outside or sporty, watching Master Chef or Gilmore Girls, singing, and baking sourdough bread and other goodies.