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Brittany Orzuna

Exploration Specialist | University Advisement Center


Eatontown, NJ

My Story:

As a first-generation student, I found it overwhelming trying to figure out what I wanted to do during my university experience. My prior background in business, interest in interpersonal relationships, and experience working internationally sparked my desire to find opportunities to work globally. As I took a career exploration class and got involved in the business school, I realized that the Marketing and Supply Chain program would be compatible with my interests, capacities, and personality. I'm excited to keep exploring careers with these majors!


Book: I'm more of a podcast type of gal at the moment it's Jacko Podcast
Movie: UP
Food: Acai Bowls
Animal: baby piggies
Color: my love for pens has me changing it every 3 weeks!
Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza? Yes, but not in huge chunks!
Hobbies: I love spending time with my roommates, lifting, food tasting, watching K-dramas, calligraphy, and journaling. I’m currently trying to get into running … trying being the key word)

Exploration Experience

When I first started at BYU, I had no idea what I wanted to study or find a career in. I was honestly in shock that I had actually made it into school but now felt overwhelmed at what being at BYU actually entailed. It wasn't until later on in the semester that I started to be intentional with my academic life. I took the Student Development 117 class which helped expose me to the numerous resources that were available to me and how I could use them to navigate my exploration process. After taking an intro class in the business school and meeting with an advisor, I decided that I would apply to the Supply Chain program when I got home from the mission and closed myself to the idea of other majors. Fast forward to the fall of 2023 and getting involved in the marketing association, a career in B2B sales caught my attention. I have been consistent and getting involved, which has allowed me to brainstorm what I want to do in the future and how different majors could help me get to that point.

Why is Exploring Important to Me

Having a lot of options can be overwhelming, especially when you're indecisive like me. Exploring allows us to group our ideas and better understand what's consistent in our ideas. I think of life as a big gym with so much equipment, and you must figure out your workout routine. Exploring combines research, trial and error, and peer revision.

Looking Back

Looking back, I wish that I would've gotten the courage to get involved sooner! Imposter syndrome is a real thing, and being surrounded by really smart people can be daunting at times and prevent you from giving something a try because you feel inadequate. Freshman year Brittany would be so shocked to know that I have gotten involved in case competitions that have confirmed my passion for business and have allowed me to move forward in my exploration process with confidence.