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Bradford Paul

Exploration Specialist


Books: Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans
Movie: Surf's Up
Food: Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles
Animal: Pengiun
Color: Orange & Gray

Exploration Experience?

I went into my freshmen year after just finishing an aviation merit badge in Boy Scouts and thought I might enjoy air traffic control. After taking one class, I knew that it wasn’t my calling. I went to the library and just walked through shelves looking for books that caught my eye, with the intention to explore anything and everything. I read a book about politics, I read a book about horses, I even read a book about making cupcakes. It wasn’t until I read about the details of the mind that I really found interest and I had that tingly feeling. After pursuing psychology for a time, I learned about careers from a career exploration class and I realized that it was more of an interest than something I wanted to pursue professionally.

I decided that I would prefer something more hands-on and structured in problem-solving, where I could make my own insights to build from. I met with an advisor and they showed me all of the resources that are offered to students online including major information, degree customization, and other faculty that I could talk to for assistance. As I utilized all of these resources and made an effort to create time for mindfulness on my own, I was guided to seek opportunities in the business school at BYU. As I have continued to explore BYU’s endless resources, I have found new insights that will ultimately create who I will be after I graduate.

Why is Exploring Important to Me? 

Exploring is important to me because it is crucial for change. In order to grow, we need to have new information that will point us towards the best path. We also need exploration to know what that path is. It is comfortable and convenient to stay where we are, but exploration offers us new choices that hold much greater rewards.

Looking Back 

I wish I would've known how easy and welcoming it is to meet with an advisor! They are literally trained to be kind and help you. Each of the universities I had attended had encouraged all students to reach out to academic advisors at any stage in their college career, by readily showing them how to set up appointments and informing them what to expect. What it comes down to, is that two brains are better than one and so I wish I wouldn’t have tried to figure it out on my own for so long!

Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza?  

When I was young, it scared me. But now I have grown and have learned of its true belonging there. Yes.

Boring Fact About You 

I can’t snap with my left hand. I’ve always snapped with the fingers on my right hand, so I just never learned. Whoops.


Occasional mountain-biking, learning about business, playing guitar while my wife sings, design thinking, using an Instant Pot, basketball, Excel

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