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Ailaina Rice

Graduate Assistant Advisor

What was your major exploration path?

My undergraduate major was in Psychology and a minor in Family Life. I changed from Business Management to Psychology because I found that business just did not fit my personality or interests. I was sitting in Accounting and Marketing and found myself miserable attending these lectures. One thing that helped me make the switch was talking to a psychologist about their career path and speaking with advisors about my decision to change. They were all supportive and helped make the transition smooth.  

What jobs and careers have you had since college?

I’ve interned with the Division of Child and Family Services, Utah State Hospital, Head Start. I am currently interning at different agencies for my master’s degree.  

What are some of your hobbies and interests? 

I love to play volleyball, soccer, and tennis. I enjoy reading and surfing  

Are you involved with any groups or organizations on campus?

BYU MSW Association