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David Lucero

David Lucero

Academic and Career Advisor

David grew up in a small town in New York and has lived in Hawaii, Idaho, Taiwan and Utah (and liked them all).

“I partner with students to help them succeed. It has been my great blessing to work with students from many cultures at BYU-Provo, the BYU English Language Center (ELC) and BYU-Hawaii.”

After being open major and exploring Political Science and Finance, David got his BA at BYU in Communications (Chinese minor) and master’s degree in Organizational Behavior from the Marriott School of Business. Recently he earned a TESOL certificate (BYU) and is pursuing a professional advising certificate from Kansas State University.

David teaches Career Exploration (STDEV 117) and has professional interests in advising international students and in Second Language Teaching. He recently taught English for 2 summers at the University of Science and Technology in Beijing (北京科技大学).

Hometown - Brockport, NY
Majors -
Bachelor’s: Communications, minor in Chinese
Master’s: Organizational Behavior & Second Language Teaching
Hobbies - reading & watching my wife play volleyball
College Struggle - getting involved
High School Info - skipped my senior year to come to BYU

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