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Career Assessment Course Request Form

If you are an instructor for a Student Development (StDev) course and would like your students to take either the Strong Interest Inventor (SII) or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), please complete the request for below. Both career assessments are taken online. Once this form is submitted, we will e-mail your students with a link to the assessment(s) you've requested on the date you have designated. Please direct the students to watch for the e-mailed link (from Once a student has taken the assessment(s) we will print their results in the University Advisement Center within two business days, and you may pick up the results from our front desk, 2500 WSC. Please coordinate a time to pick up your class assessments with our Career Assessment Specialist, Isabella Roque at She can give you additional information and ensure that your class results are ready to go. We also ask that you indicate whether you would like one of our academic and career advisors to present an overview of one or both of these career assessments. If you have any questions about this request process, please contact Amy Soto at Thank you.

Career Assessment - Course Request Form


Which semester would you like to have your students take the assessment(s)?

Career Assessments

The career assessment(s) the students will take