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anna heier

Anna Heier

Academic and Career Advisor

WSC 2500

What was your major exploration path?

Major: Exercise Science: Fitness and Wellness Management

Minor: Management

Oh, yes! I came to BYU as a pre-nursing major, switched to pre-photography, then to pre-entrepreneurial management, and then finally to fitness and wellness management. I had a tough time articulating my career goals and I didn’t know where to go to get help. My own advising experience as a student wasn’t a good one and I lost trust in it early on, electing to try to figure it all out on my own. I had a good support system in my family, and they did the best they could to help me, but I regret not seeking assistance from the University Advisement Center (to be honest, I didn’t know it existed). I felt pretty lost and unjustly put a lot of pressure on myself to hurry up and choose a major. Fortunately, the major that I ended up with was a good one and I enjoyed it to an extent, but I think I was fooling myself into thinking that I would actually pursue a career in a related field. Even more fortunately, I’ve learned that your major doesn’t have to dictate what you do for the rest of your life. It rarely has such a strong controlling influence over your future. Rather, the power comes from what you choose to do with the skills you have gained and your determination to forge your own path.

What jobs and careers have you had since college?  

I’ve mostly worked in universities. Before I finished my undergrad degree, I did an internship at UVU in their wellness program and I ended up working there after graduation for a while. Then, I got a job in the University Advisement Center at BYU as the front desk manager. I gained a whole new appreciation for academic advisement in that role as I got to see kind, knowledgeable, and professional advisors invest in the exploration process with students. It was truly life changing as I began to desire to help students in a similar way. During that same time in my life, I felt prompted to serve a mission. I served in the Porto, Portugal mission and then came back to BYU in my first advising role in the Bachelor of General Studies program. In the seven years that I worked there, I learned so much about academic advising and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to grow in my career and associate with wonderful co-workers and students. Then in 2018, I was fortunate once more in re-joining the University Advisement Center, but this time as one of their academic advisors.

What are your areas of specialty when it comes to advising? 

Non-traditional students; Freshmen/New-to-BYU students; Business school exploration 

Nonprofit, humanitarian, and social innovation exploration; Student study skills and resources 

What are some of your hobbies and interests? 

Photography, reading fiction, collecting Disney movies, playing with nieces & nephews, fixing up my house, and watching art tutorials on YouTube (I love seeing people use their creativity to express themselves).