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Purpose: You will need information to make good decisions. We currently enjoy almost unlimited access to major and career information via the internet. Advisors often refer students who are considering various majors to examine departmental and major websites with the assumption that you will actually know what such websites may offer.

As a result of this activity you will be able to:

  • Know what information to look for that may help in the major selection process..
  • Understand that webpage content may not always be reflective of departmental interest.
  • Know how to interface with search engines to make meaning of the information you find.

Process: This activity is designed to help you learn how to find information on academic majors that can help inform your decisions.

  1. Using your list of majors and careers of interest, make a list of websites to help you explore your options (including BYU Major Snippets). Not all websites are created equal - rely on the academic department that established the site to provide good information.
  2. Make an outline of various information topics that you may want to explore.
  3. Establish a list of questions to guide your exploration of the websites.
  4. Write down the answers to your questions as you find them. Refer to Google for more information or to clarify new terms.
  5. Share you results with your advisor and make plans to explore additional resources.

Example Outline:

  • Academic Plan of Courses
  • Learning Outcomes for major/courses
  • Organizations – are all students able to participate (campus and regional/national)
  • Activities – lectures, events (social and educational)
  • Faculty – examine research topics – see if you are interested in the questions?
  • Career Information
  • General Information on subject topics
  • Admissions Requirements if enrollment is not open to all students

Note: If information is not available on questions you have, a referral to faculty or departmental advisors may be necessary.