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Visiting Students

There are many reasons for students to come as a Visiting Student. Some students who have completed a foreign-language-speaking mission come to BYU to earn university credit for their language. Other students come to enjoy the spiritual atmosphere of BYU while earning credits that can be transferred to the college or university of their choice. Some students come simply to enhance their education or pursue a special interest.

  1. How do I apply to become a Visiting Student? Apply online here. If you have questions about the application process, contact Enrollment Services in D-155 ASB. You can also reach them by phone at 801-422-4104, or by sending them a YMessage through their website.
  2. If I come to BYU as a Visiting Student and do well, will that allow me to be admitted to BYU and attend as a fully matriculated student for Fall or Winter semesters? Generally, students transferring to BYU with credits earned at other institutions are expected to have a minimum of 24 earned hours and have a competitive GPA. Hours earned as a Visiting Student at BYU will be counted as part of the earned hours and GPA requirement for transfer applicants. Enrollment Services' website provides helpful information for prospective transfer students about entrance averages, truths regarding admissions myths, and more information about the holistic review process.
  3. How many classes should I register for if I am a Visiting Student? A typical term course load is 5-7 credit hours. A term is half as long as a semester and is created by doubling the number of instruction hours during a week. Students should take approximately half as many credit hours as they would during a regular semester. Students should also consider that there is less study and preparation time between lectures. It is important for visiting students to attend all classes during the term enrolled. If a student misses one week of class during a term, it is comparable to missing two weeks of class during a semester.
  4. What services are available to me as a Visiting Student? Visiting Students are eligible to participate in most of the services and programs available to fully admitted students. These include use of the library, sports facilities, Counseling and Career Center, and participation in student wards, orientation activities, and other social or campus-wide events. Visiting Students are eligible to work on campus. However, Visiting Students are not eligible for federal financial aid or scholarships at BYU.
  5. Who can I contact if I have questions about what classes to take? The University Advisement Center has advisors who can help you choose appropriate classes. We are located in 2500 Wilkinson Student Center. Our hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday (closed Tuesdays from 10:45 am-12 pm for devotional). You can make an appointment here or contact us with questions at, (801) 422-3826, or toll-free at 1-877-890-5519. For general information about the registration process, click here.