Choosing a Major or Minor

Below are a list of questions our office receives on a daily basis which pertain to choosing a major or minor. The information provided is not intended to replace the value of one-on-one advising but may help you find answers to your questions without having to have an appointment or stop in; please feel free to do so with any follow-up questions you may have.

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I’m Having Trouble Choosing a Major...Does BYU Offer Interest or Personality Tests to Help Me Decide?

The University Career Services Office offers a number of interest and personality tests to help you decide on a major and career path, including the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. These tests last an average of 45 minutes, and do require small fees. They can be completed in 2590 WSC. There is also a free online assessment, TypeFocus, which can be accessed at

You can also set up an appointment with an advisor from the University Advisement Center to discuss the results of these tests, along with possible careers that might fit you well. These appointments last for one hour. For more information on career interest and personality tests, please contact the University Career Services Office at (801) 422-3000, or by visiting them in 2590 WSC.

How Do I Declare A Major? What About A Minor? What if I Want to Major in Two Different Fields?

To declare a major, you can either go online or go to the College Advisement Center that administers your desired major, and complete a Change of Major Form. If you are unsure of which college administers your major, please ask a University Advisement receptionist. To change your major online, go to MyMap and click on the Plan Courses tab, go to the bottom of the page and on the left hand side click on the link that says Change Major Request and follow those instructions. A minimum of 20 credit hours in the major must be completed as an admitted day student, 10 of which must be on the BYU campus in Provo. College Advisement Centers may place registration holds on a student’s record to encourage the student to meet with an advisor to achieve graduation goals.

To declare a minor, you need to make the request through your major advisement center unless it is one of the following: 1) contact the Fine Arts and Communications Advisement Center for all minors in their College, 2) contact the Humanities Advisement Center for the following minors: Editing, French, International Cinema Studies, Italian, Spanish Teaching, or Writing & Rhetoric. Please note: all teaching/education minors require that you have a teaching/education major.

To double major, you must meet with an advisor in your College Advisement Center and evaluate: 1. University core and major requirements. 2. Analyze your time-to-graduate plan. 3. Petition before you earn 75 BYU hours (minus language exam credit). Second majors (excluding some majors designed as “second major” programs) are rarely approved and must be approved by the College Advisement Center and the dean of the college of your primary major. Students who graduate with a second major only receive one degree (primary major) and one diploma. Be aware that lengthening your undergraduate experience may affect financial aid or cause other consequences.

Open major students with 60 or more BYU earned credits must either declare a major or meet with an advisor from the University Advisement Center to discuss academic plans in order to continue registering for future semesters.