Mission & Objectives

The BYU Academic Advising Mission, Vision, and Goals

Vision: Guide every student to academic success and personal development

Mission: Engage and educate individual students to define and achieve their academic, career, and life goals and to progress toward their eternal potential

Goals: Academic advisors collaborate as a professional advising community, provide a caring environment that facilitates and fosters student success, and commit their best efforts to:

  • Encourage student self-exploration leading to personal development
  • Promote student accountability/responsibility
  • Provide timely and accurate information and referrals
  • Encourage early major exploration and educational planning for timely graduation
  • Advocate for student success
  • Follow the “Advising as Teaching” philosophy
  • Engage in professional development


The University Advisement Center Mission, Goals, & Outcomes

Mission: To enable students to accomplish their academic, career, spiritual and life goals as they transition from high school, through college, and prepare for the world of work and life beyond once they leave BYU.

Goals: Our program focuses on helping students realize The Aims of a BYU Education in their personal lives so that their BYU experience will be (1) spiritually strengthening, (2) intellectually enlarging, and (3) character building, leading to (4) lifelong learning and service.Through our services, students develop career, learning, and personal aptitudes and skills that help foster individual development while overcoming internal and external barriers to success.

  • We aim to support a student’s academic progress by:

    • Reaching out and providing accurate and timely information and developmental advisement in a holistic manner to Open Major and Summer Visiting students for whom we have direct responsibility as their College Advisement Center.
    • Reaching out and providing accurate and timely information and developmental advisement in a holistic manner to Enriched Environment and International students as special populations for whom we have indirect responsibility for advising regardless of their major through a mandate from the Student Life Vice President. 
    • Providing accurate and timely information and serving as a starting point for advisement and referral for non-traditional and other special populations with defined advisement needs who seek to further their education at BYU. 
    • Providing accurate and timely information and developmental advisement to all students and others who seek our services regardless of major or student status.
    • Developing, promoting and teaching student development courses such as Career Exploration, Effective Study and Learning, Surviving and Thriving at BYU, and Test Preparation and Test Taking Strategies.
    • Sponsoring an annual university-wide major fair for all departments and students interested in learning more about BYU’s 180 majors. 
    • Providing initial career advisement, career interest inventory interpretations, and promoting the value of internships, volunteer and paid work experience to students, both with and without majors, who seek help with making good career decisions and becoming employable upon graduation.