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Exceptions to University Core/ GE for International Students:

  • International Students may fulfill their Global and Cultural Awareness Requirement (GCA) by completing the American Heritage requirement.
  • Non-native speakers of English (Those who took TOEFL exam as part of the application process) can fulfill the foreign language option of the Languages of Learning requirement through a discrepancy form at their advisement center.
  • International Students who have English as their second language should take ELang 150 to fulfill the First-Year Writing requirement.

Some University Core requirements can be fulfilled by successful completion of an exemption or challenge exam.

  • Challenge exams as a group carry academic credit and a grade. The student's transcript and grade point average reflect the score obtained on that exam. Some challenge exams are offered through the Testing Center and others must be arranged through department.
  • Exemption exams do not, as a matter of course, carry academic credit or grades. A passing score on an exemption exam shows on the Progress Report form only as a completion of the requirement. Exemption Examinations are offered in the Testing Center (265 HGB).