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Explore: Narrowing My Options

Once you have a good idea about what you want in life and what your options are, you need to start narrowing down your options. These activities can help you get started with this process:

  • Section 1: Look at your own experience by:
    • Completing the My Career Story Workbook (about 30 min.)
    • Recall 2-3 success stories from your life and write them down-times when you either (a) used talents you enjoy using and had a good outcome, or (b) had one of those “flow” experience where you were so into something that you lost track of time.
  • Section 2: Take a free online assessment

  • Section 3: Look at some major/career options (do this after Sections 1 and 2)
    • Watch a short video about the major at (choose a major; click the link)
    • Look up info on the career at (in the Search Handbook box, type a career/job, then click the most interesting result; search the page, especially What They Do and How to Become One)
    • Look at the classes and learning outcomes of the major at (scroll to a major, click, also click on the classes; to see a suggested first semester of classes, click Major Academic Plan at the top)
    • Explore more information about courses in an interesting major by looking at (log in using your BYU netID and password then select the semester, course, and number you want to review)
    • See what careers you can pursue with a major; go to (click on What Can I Do With This Major; find a major; review the options)

To help refine your interests, we suggest you do at least one activity from each of these sections, then set an appointment to talk over what you have discovered.

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