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Dream: Just Starting

With several options, it's best to figure out what you already know about yourself and about your options. The following suggestions can help you get started:

  • List your current options/considerations

    • What do key people say about these? (One way to find out)
  • Write/list what you really want in your future career-your career values

    • E.g., flexible hours, $__________, lots of management responsibility, opportunities to teach, travel, use of another language, ability to create _________, be your own boss, low stress, living in a certain location, using certain skills, etc. Here are three different ways to do this [In 10 years, what do you hope your career includes? Make a list of what’s important in these [Bolles’] categories; Describe your ideal (regular) workday.]
    • What do key people say about these key values?
    • Are these desires/values compatible with each other?
  • Compare possible options to your list of career values
  • Talk to your College Advisement Center
  • Discuss with key people

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