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Sarah Jacobs

Exploration Specialist

Meet Sarah

Book: Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire or really
any of the Harry Potter series
Movie: Picking a favorite movie is like picking a favorite child; with that being said, one of my favs is Julie and Julia. I also love anything from the MCU or Disney or Pixar or pretty much everything
Food: Pepperoni Pizza, or literally any dessert/sweet treat
Animal: Sea Otters
Color: Soft Pink

Exploration Experience?

I didn’t have a specific and clear direction right off the bat and I didn’t like the external pressure to come up with something. What was so clear to me in high school no longer suited what I wanted to do. I knew I enjoyed people, learning, and creating but I didn’t know exactly how my interests could formulate a solid academic and career path. I had no idea what major to go into that would not only be a good fit but that would also lead me to my possible career aspirations and life goals. A good friend of mine led me to the University Advisement Center where I met with an advisor who listened to my interests and aspirations and opened my eyes to the possible majors that would be the right fit for me. It wasn’t until I started to take classes within the majors that I was exploring did I decide on Family Life and the Family Studies track.  

My major allows me to study what captivates me and fulfills my love of learning and academic values. Although I would like my long-term life path to include a future family or a very clear and crisp path, I know I’m preparing for a life and career that is meaningful to me. Currently, I’m considering a career in floral design while staying open to other opportunities.

Why is Exploring Important to Me? 

Exploring is important to me because there is always room to grow and something more to learn. After all, there is no cap on how much we can grow and progress. Everyone has limitless potential to be the person they want to become and to be successful in life through whatever career or path they choose. We sometimes give power to our fears, anxieties, and other factors. Exploration brings clarity and awareness to the incredible possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead of us. 

I often limited myself and shielded my view from opportunities in exploring dreams I thought to be not practical or possible. It wasn’t until I let go a little and really allowed room for growth, exploration, and discovery that I made progress. I realized I didn’t need to see the whole staircase to make a single step.

Looking Back 

I wish I had known not to let myself be controlled by what outside pressures led me to believe a “successful career” looked like. Limiting myself shielded me from opportunity and didn’t allow me to be true to myself and what I truly wanted. I wish I had understood that there are so many ways to accomplish career and life goals, especially when it was not in the ways I thought it to be.   

Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza? 

You know, I’m not one to discriminate or judge if pineapple is on pizza…but I will never eat it. If you like it though, you do you boo! 

Boring Fact About You

One of my favorite pass times is organizing anything and everything.  


I love flowers and I can’t get enough of them. I love learning about them, smelling them, arranging them, gifting them, and receiving them. I also love to cook and particularly bake. I also dabble in the art of hand lettering and am an avid movie watcher and tv show partaker. I also love to listen to and discover new music, mainly oldies because they fill my very soul. Above all, I love to laugh--like the deep, belly kind and every laugh in between. 

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