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Christopher Hart

Exploration Specialist, University Advisement Center

Book: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson
Movie: The Princess Bride
Food: Lasagna
Animal: Tiger
Color: Blue

Major Journey :

Mechanical Engineering à Pre-Med/Open Major

Exploration Experience:

I did a job shadow with an engineer and found out I no longer wanted to be an engineer. So I’m still trying to figure out my major and career paths!

Why is Exploring Important to Me?

Exploration is essential to find a career where I feel accomplished and am making a difference.

Looking Back:

I wish I had known how to use the online resources available to research different careers.

Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza?

Of course!

Boring fact about you: I can vibrate my eyes


In my free time, I like to play music, snowboard, read, and play games.

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