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Career Courses

ST DEV 117 Career Exploration (2 credit hours)

Helps students make informed choices regarding major and career selection and subsequent graduation planning.

ST DEV 317 Career Strategies (2 credit hours)

This course is designed for students who are anticipating, preparing for, and managing the critical transition from university to either graduate school or the world of work. Helps students with job search/advancement or the graduate school admissions process.

Anticipated Outcomes

Involvement in a Student Development class has several strengths: 1) it enhances commitment to the task of career exploration and decision making, since a grade is involved, 2) you have the opportunity to be in a class with other students who have the same concerns, thus giving you mutual support and sharing of information and resources, and 3) it gives you the extended amount of investment in time and energy to explore and think about these issues adequately. With this in mind, we consider the class to be one of the most intensive and most successful ways to engage in career exploration, decision making, and improved scholarship.